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Lenham and its preparations for Zombie attack!

The secrets and scenarios that the Parish Council  won't share, even the published Lenham Emergency Plan doesn't cover this eventuality, we have to go to the secret addendums ! What are they afraid of? Surely we should all know the truth and be able  to prepare ourselves?

What would happen if Lenham was attacked by ZOMBIES?  The forbidden truth that the authorities keep from us is even scarier than fiction!

A recent zombie outbreak in Murston near SittingbourneWe have all known about zombies since their existence was made public by Professor Romero back in the late 1970s, a reanimation of the dead that defied science and had the potential to destroy our civilisation! A dread disease that has been hushed up and hidden well through marketing it as fiction,  facts that have been hidden for years are only now coming to light  and scary it is! We must be on our guard!

But what about Lenham and Zombies, how would we deal with them? Who could we rely on? What plans if any have been made
First of all, apart from knowing your Zombie, you should know from where the attack might originate.

No hordes of Zombies shuffling for miles along the A20 from Maidstone with a sniff of fresh living bait, progressively ripping out the necks of the inhabitants of first Bearsted, then Hollingbourne, then on through Harrietsham to menace Lenham. Their ranks stiffened by fresh Zombies as they advance! No!  We wouldn't first see a rush of people, many recognisable as friends and some neighbours rushing from the horde, some with bite marks and even as they ran, metamorphing into the undead.

All that is the stuff of fiction! Zombies like that would of course be easily stopped by motorway central barriers, a decent fence or a ditch!

The real risk is of a loved one receiving a zombie bite and in that period of sentience when the transmogrification between living breathing human into grey decaying animated corpse happens, returns home, apparently well and with a zest for their own life not somebody else's! This homing instinct has been observed and seems to be one of the key ways that zombie outbreaks happen. Imagine a happy family trip to Whitstable, all is well until hubby, having spent perhaps too long in some dark alley that links the High Street with Nelson Road, appears and presses to return home post haste.

No, he won't stay for a bag of chips at the Fish and Chip shop just past the Duke of Cumberland, but must get home as soon as he can.  That can be the first indication that you are dealing with a Zombie!

The american approach to zombiesAt this point the future of Lenham could be in your hands. That person who you have known for years is sitting next to you steadily changing. Notice the strange slightly greyer skin than normal, the fixed stare ahead?

Now is the time to act! There will be no reasoning with him, surely asking him to detour to a hospital or the nearest army base would be the most sensible option- they are trained in dealing with Zombie outbreaks. No! You will certainly sit next to him, convinced that the plague of animated death that is about to descend on Lenham is no more than hubby being a bit peculiar. You are next, possibly the kids as well unless they can run fast!

This is how the infections start. This is the dreadful secret that is kept from us. An innocent day out in Whitstable, or maybe Teynham could be the start of a disaster for our village! A commuter returning from London on the 19:23 via Bromley South, sitting staring blankly into space, they could each be the harbingers of un-death!

What can you do?