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lenham.net setup in 2000, been running for 12 years, almost as long as Focus!

Most Important thing is....

This site is free, please use the form at the bottom of most pages to send me your details and if you are trading in. or promoting anything to do with Lenham it will be listed.

Recent Statistics

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About the website

The website was first set up back in 2000, basically there wasn't a village website and with the support of Focus, I thought that it would be interesting to see if there would be any support.

The intention has always to make this a low maintenance website, thus giving it a greater chance of continuing. That has worked and the site still plods on when others have sprung up, been admittedly far more dynamic, bright etc - then get closed down.

If you link to this site I will link to you. You will see that Lenham.net is 1st on Google, the most important search engine in the known universe, for searches for Lenham or Lenham related subjects. Linking to your site will help you.

The website needs your information

What do people use the web site for? Follows is (or should it be 'are') a selection of the search terms used by people to try to find informationon the site, below is a typical months searches (October 2012)

lenham 341  
lenham kent 69      
lenham doctors surgery 21      
lenham farmers market 17      
lenham market 16      
lenham village 15      
lenham christmas market 13      
james chinese lenham 10      
lenham library 10      
lenham parish council 10      
chopstick and bowl lenham 8      
lenham focus 8      
lenham solar farm 8      
gowers garage lenham 7      
saxon warrior pharmacy 7      
solar farm in lenham 7

All used the site search tool, some will have been successful, some might have been looking for a service that you provide but isn't listed on the web site.

If you want a local service listed, send me an email with all the details, perhaps a write up, to: lenham.net@googlemail.com

If you've got a web site, I'll link to it!

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