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Have you visited Eltham Palace?

Tucked away behind Eltham Hill, in a now busy suburb of SE London, you will find Eltham Palace, a fascinating combination of a luxurious Art Deco home and an important medieval royal palace. The house, originally a moated manor house, was bought by Edward II in 1305 and with additions such as the Great Hall in the 1470s it became a popular country retreat for royals.

Throughout time Eltham Palace’s fortunes have fluctuated. It was eclipsed by Greenwich Palace in the 16th century and for 200 years after the Civil War it became a farm with the magnificent Great Hall being used as a barn! In the 1930s an important house was built adjoining the Great Hall by the Courtauld family. No expense was spared to create lavish Art Deco interiors and furnishings, with 19 acres of richly planted moated gardens and a panoramic view over London.

In May 1944 the Courtaulds moved out of Eltham Palace and from 1945 to 1992 it became ‘home’ to a number of army units and was maintained following that by the Royal Parks as a training establishment for apprentice gardeners. In 1984 English Heritage took over the management of the entire site and have restored it to its former magnificence.

Well worth a visit and if you would like to find out more – click on to