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Lenham Shops
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Lenham Clubs

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Staying Safe Online

Mostly for those lucky enough not to have to be adults!

A page looking at how to stay safer online suggested by "Robbie" who is doing a paper for his school and passed his suggested sites for inclusion on Lenham.net

Lots of websites from around the world with lots of examples of online risks and how to stay safe

May thanks to to Robbie and we hope this helps others staying safe online

If there are websites you come across which you think should be reported, this is perhaps the first step: http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/

FBI: Internet Safety Tips for Kids

An Interactive Guide to Staying Safe on the Internet

Cyber Safety: Top 10 Tips for Youth

Internet Safety for Kids: 17 Tips from Cyber Safety Experts

Parent Guide: Talk With Your Kids about Internet Safety

Parent's Guide to Finding Safe Online Communities for Kids



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