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Lenham Shops
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Lenham Business
Lenham Leisure
Lenham Clubs

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A village Design Statement:- The future - (‘A Parish Plan’)

A small team has now been created with a Coordinator and a few volunteers, 5 of whom attended a Seminar on the subject at the Invicta School. I was a member of that group.
We learned that whilst a ‘Village Appraisal’ had been encouraged, followed by a ‘Design Statement’ the most recent Countryside Agency concept was that of a ‘Parish Plan’ which recognised that communities needed to develop more clearly defined action plans.

It became obvious that this broader approach had a more significant appeal and whilst incorporating design aspects would address SHORT, MEDIUM AND LONG term ACTIONS relevant to our community,

In a report to the Parish Council we gave the following recommendations. The existing ‘Village Appraisal’ should be re-examined and updated in order to define current priorities and preferences as seen by and supported by the entire community. This process would lead to the development of the ‘Lenham Parish Plan’.
The ‘Plan’ should have significant influence on Local and National Authorities, Developers and others in ANY future developments in our area. i.e. Allow the entire community the opportunity of being PRO-ACTIVE.

Financial assistance is available from the Countryside Agency, via the Parish Council who obviously needs to endorse and actively support the entire process.

Conclusion:- Lenham Parish should embrace this opportunity and with the widest possible participation, schools, clubs, young people etc., have a more effective voice in the future short, medium and long term developments in our historic and beautiful area.
Peter Bailey.

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