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Lenham Shops
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Lenham Leisure
Lenham Clubs

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Lenham Kent . Lenham.net Established 2000
Gateway to the East
Maidstone and Malling Horse Watch

After discussion with the Kent Horse Watch County Coordinator, and a number of
meetings with Horse Watch, it became apparent that there was a need for Police involvement as much of the area is rural by nature. As one of the Police Community Coordinators for area East, I am aware of the number of horses and stables in the area and that they could be a target for theft of horses, tack and ancillary items. Horse Watch and myself are designing a Passport detailing your horse and tack so that, in the event of the unthinkable occurring, all details are at hand with the information for both yourself and the Police. With the necessary equipment for marking tack, once the Passport is compiled, we will attend your stables, mark your tack and supply you with a Passport for a small fee. (This is to cover the cost of printing and to help the running of Horse Watch).

Those of you who have access to the Internet, there are two Websites that have been devised www.ukhorsewatch.org.uk and www.stolenhorseregister.com The first Web site offers advice on all aspects of equine crime prevention, as well as what to do if you are a victim of theft. The second site enables users to search for a horse through the following search criteria: breed, gender, colour and region. If you are buying a horse, check the register to ensure that you are not purchasing an animal that has been stolen.

Any one requiring further information about Horse Watch for your area, please contact PC Hillman on 01622 608069 and I will be pleased to assist in any way that I can. I am anticipating that Passports will be available in April when we will also commence tack marking in your area. If you wish your tack to be marked, please contact me and dates will be arranged.

PC Bryan Hillman

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