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Hello I am unsure as whether you could help me but I am a teacher at Swadelands school and in desperate need of some local history of the school for an up coming project.
Source: bbc, 13 November 2012 Date and Time of entry:

I am researching into the resistance around Lenham in WW2 and would be grateful for any help anyone can give with regards to patrol members and storys etc etc.
Source: bbc, 28 February 2011 Date and Time of entry: 00:00

Is there anyone in Lenham who knows anything about the Badnors?
Source: singwell, 25 April 2010 Date and Time of entry: 17:11

Can anybody tell me the pros and cons of feed in tariffs and how they work for real people with a real roof and not unlimited money!
Source: bbc, 07 April 2010 Date and Time of entry: 22:07

I am emailing from the USA. I was unfortunate enough, to have spent some weeks in the sanatorium, at Lenham about 40 years ago.
However, the staff were wonderful and so was the hospital. I am now writing a book and I am trying to find any kind of picture of the old "Chest Hospital" I have such fond memories of it. My husband was in at the same time, he nearly died, but we both lived to tell the tale. Can you help with a picture?
Source: email, 12 February 2010 Date and Time of entry: 13:11

My stepmother was born in Lenham, so I was intrigued to hear a recent article on Radio 5 Live which mentioned a woman who lived in Lenham in the 17th century and who had 365 descendants when she died at the age of 93. It was suggested that everybody born in Kent by 1850 was a descendant of her.
Source: bbc, 12 February 2010 Date and Time of entry: 10:55

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