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Lenham Shops
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Lenham Clubs

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About Focus

Some comments and events from the people who prepare Focus

October 2002 Farewell Focus
This is Sarah and my last issue of Focus - our 25th issue. We’ve being laying out Focus for the last 2 years. The laying out of the main body of the magazine is now being taken over by Mr Ian Dunbar who we wish all the best and hope he along with the rest of the Focus team take the magazine to still greater things.

We just wanted to say that (believe it or not) we have enjoyed doing this and it has been satisfying knowing that we have been doing a useful job for the local charities, businesses, clubs and organisations.

Unfortunately, over the last 6 months work and personal committments have brought their pressure to bear and we’ve been unable to spend the time on it that it needs and deserves - it can be lonely job when all the copy is in and the deadline is looming - we feel we’ve ‘done our bit’.

We’ll still be involved in a lesser capacity, but it just remains for me to say thanks to John, Alan and the rest of the Focus team. My one hope is that more aspiring writers come forward to write for Focus - if there’s one thing it needs, it’s more local editorial - there must be more of you out there!
Sarah & Anthony

April 2002 - JUBILEE SOUVENIR MAGAZINEOur Jubilee Souvenir Edition in June will contain a full programme of events and entertainments leading up to, and including, Jubilee Celebration Day. We would also like to review, with your help Lenham Celebration fifty years ago. These are some thoughts of that period which you might recall. Perhaps you were teenagers on the threshold of adult life. If at that time you were an adult you no doubt celebrated in your own way. How did ‘Pubs’ celebrate the day? Were you a member of the Football, Cricket or Bowls Club? Were you in any Organisation such as Youth Club, Drama Group etc? We would be pleased to have any articles or notes of your reminiscences, which can be sent to Lenham Library. If you have photographs we would be delighted to publish them in the magazine and will make sure that they are returned to you after publishing.

Focus on 'FOCUS'

For those who read the Focus on 'Focus' article last month will remember we asked for three of four people to act as Distribution Coordinators. Unfortunately we were unable to select anyone for these posts as nobody applied! I repeat the article in case you missed it.

With the huge success of 'Focus' Parish Magazine we now need to expand the 'Focus' Team. Distribution is a vital part of 'Focus' Magazine Production and we are now looking for three or four people to act as Coordinators for particular areas.
There is already a very efficient Team of Distributors throughout the Parish so this is a case of liaison with 9 or 10 Magazine Deliverers once a month in their own particular area. Nothing very hard but of immense practical help and a chance to join and enjoy being one of the 'Team'.

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