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Gateway to the East

Where to go From Lenham in a day

These are a selection of places that are accessable by car or train, give an idea of what there is to see, do and eat and whether it is worth it.

Just to give you an idea of the author and my preferances - can't stomach McDonalds, love greasy spoons, French Cuisine - as long as it isn't nouvelle cuisine. Can't stand queueing - but who can, don't like crowds.

Science Museum / Natural History Museum

First off, go by train! Its a simple tube journey on the District/Circle line too South Ken and the Museums. And we are lucky in tha there is usually parking at the station in Lenham.

The Imax is a must. Either fly to the space station or go underwater to the Titanic, both are literally out of this world and the 3D effect on the huge screen is fantastic.

To eat, cross over to the Victoria and Albert museum to eat in the museum restuarant. The quality is excellent without breaking the bank. Also, there aren't the queue's that you get in the Science museum eating places.

Also, there are loads of places to eat your own picnic. Sadly the food in the science museum is not of the same quality as the exhibits!

Got kids, take them to the basement, its packed with things for them to do.


My favourite, too much to see in a day and not that bad a drive.

The museum is almost as far as Cambridge up the M11, driving steadily say 2 hours from Lenham.

Don't worry too much about taking a picnic, the museum's cafeteria is reasonable value, plain cooking and resonable portions.

National Maritime Museum at Greenwich

Chatham Dockyards

Victoria and Albert Museum

This has a great little restuarant that is worth a lunch stop if you are doing the V&A and not that far from the Science and Natural History Museum. Not too pricey and tasty food that is not at all 'Berni Inn' or 'Junk food store'.

Apart from the food, the exhibitions are staggering and will easily take a complete day to see, though best done in small chunks to allow the culture to be easily absorbed. Not too far from the tube and there are frequently street performers on the steps outside.

The Imperial War Museum

A great day out, easy to get to and despite being within the congestion zone, its free at the weekends and the local parking is plentiful - particularly on Sundays and bank holidays - when its also free.

Keeping on the free theme, so is the museum!

A great many exhibits, ranging from real examples of the V1 and V2, tanks, trucks, guns, missiles and rockets. Very thought provoking and informative galleries covering just about every aspect of the many wars that have been fought over the last few hundred years.

The café is well worth a visit, we took sandwiches but decided to eat in the museum café, and it wasn't just the glass of wine that decided us! The food is basic and good quality, it is not fast food and lacks grease. the staff, as with the rest of the museum are cheerful and helpful. Our experience was also of polite and interested visitors, war doen't seem to attract the yob element!

The Space Centre at Leicester

This is really as far as you might want to go in a single day. It takes about 3.5 hours to get there - and of course the same to get back.

However, once there, it can take a good 4 to 5 hours to see everything, so well worth a grand day out.

There is a mix of exhibit types, real things like the Blue Streak - Britain's space rocket. Helen Sharman's space suit and lots of other things like that, also loads of things for the kids to play on which can keep them occupied if mum and dad want to have a good look round. The exhibits are bang up to date - but then its a brand new museum - though I expect that give it five years and the exhibits will have hardley changed.

Food wise, well the cafeteria closed just before 3:00pm and anyway served the normal motorway food of pricey packaged sandwiches and hot dogs and burgers. Recommend taking a picnic lunch or popping out to local pub or greasy spoon.

Staying overnight? We booked bed a breakfast having found a place online. When we got there, well, bed yes, jammed into the dinning room and front room, along with all the other things you expect in a dinning room and front room. Certainly a fire risk, possibly a health hazard. No we drove back home that night.

Take care of the driving in Leicster, its worse than round here and I expect you will agree that's saying something!





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