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lenham.net established AD2000 welcomes reciprocal links with local web sites -

Local Photos - in and around Lenham - all within walking distance

Model Rail Exhibition
Lenham Community Centre
Sunday 22 January 2017, 10am to 5pm
Organiser - The SNCF Society

Admission £4.50 adults
Model Railway layouts in various scales plus sales stands and video/slide shows
Refreshments available all day


Lenham Neighbourhood Plan

lenham neighbourhood plan

Draft Neighbourhood Plan

landscape assessment

Landscape Quality Assessment

urban design assessment

Urban Design Baseline Assessment


Quality Growth Quality Life

The Lenham Coop, RAMACís Variation in Sustainable Code

link to traveline national portal in new window

for planning journeys using public transport.

ONS / Census Neighbourhood Stats for Lenham and Harrietsham and How WELL  do you know YOUR area?

Kent Police & Crime Commissioner: Ann Barnes

Stay Safe online / Current online SCAMS
Phone and other SCAMS , Teaching Cyber Safety

Where's the Path local footpaths (go to site enter postcode top left)
My Location in Lenham shows Latitude and Longitude

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KLS Keeping Lenham Safe

Lenham Social Club   Save Lenham

Lenham     Lenham Skate Park

Lenham Sunday Market

Lenham Solar Farm

Are you considering switching energy supplier? Try here first, its impartial and has access to all suppliers. Many energy switchers are tied to a single utility and can place you in a more expensive scheme.

If you want information about a service you provide within Lenham please click here to and I will post it on the web site.

View Lenham in a larger map
- includes proposed developments

Lenham's getting a new website.

To abuse that wonderful phrase from 2001 A space Odyssey

"My God, its full of 'i's"

Back in 2007 this is what happened in Langley: Langley got a new website. I commented back then re Langley's PC minutes

"Reading the minutes I can see no indication that other web companies, web professionals or anybody was approached. Surely the PC should have put this, a relatively large expense out to tender, invited interested parties. (Its seems to be over 10% of the PC Budget!)"

Looks familiar? Langely still have one of the worst websites ever, it eventually cost near to £10,000.

I also commented that Linton with their FREE website were doing great. They still are. Up to date, easy to use. Spending money on a website doesn't mean it suddenly gets updated, nor that people find and visit it.

Lenham.net is free and remains a free resource.

blood donor sessionBlood Donor Session: to be anounced

Harrietsham Village Hall 2:00pm - 4:30pm & 5:30pm 8:00pmTo Book an Appointment, phone 0300 123 23 23 or visit www.blood.co.uk

Try neighbourhoodfixit.com/ a brilliant way to report problems to the local council!

Lenham Archaeological Society and Walking in Kent

Be careful of deception on the web, rule 1. "Never respond to an uninvited email, they are all scams!" Rule 2. There are no exceptions! Latest scams - Email pretending to be from the Inland Revenue asking for card details for a re-payment. Fraud where initial cheque payment is sent, you then send/return a smaller amount (to pay for admin) 1st cheque bounces! More scams

Any Questions?

Hello I am unsure as whether you could help me but I am a teacher at Swadelands school and in desperate need of some local history of the school for an up coming project.
Source: bbc, 13 November 2012 Date and Time of entry:

Click here for other Questions

And some News

Lenham Community Centre
Sunday 22 January 2017, 10am to 5pm
Organiser - The SNCF Society

Source: bbc, 14 January 2017 Date and Time of entry:

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Lenham Discussion Forum
Free to join


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Local Attractions / Websites
Leeds Castle, Chatham Dockyard , Dover Castle, Canterbury Cathedral,

Hugh Robertson MP

Tom Sams - David Marshall MBC
Walking in Kent
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Ashford CineWorld
Maidstone odeon
Faversham Royal
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For Lenham Parish Council Meetings click here

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Local Villages and Towns
Kent - KCC
Maidstone -Council and Maidstone online
Doddington , Charing , Harrietsham, Headcorn, Leeds

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If you link to this site I will link to you. You will see that Lenham.net is 1st on Google, the most important search engine in the known universe, for searches for Lenham or Lenham related subjects.

Linking to your site will help you.

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Why over 50 and a share holder? The police have identified these people as most likely to be approached. All share holdings are listed publicly so your details are easily available! My own experience

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What to do, who to call?

Action Fraud


Please note that while the site is being redeveloped, the intention is to keep bringing access to existing and new information. Sorry if it appears a bit bland.

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